Creating Business Solutions That Exceed Expectations

Web Design/Websites

Intelligent web design & website development requires a combination of thought and action which is achieved by integrating business and creative strategies that ensure the overall project will meet the client’s needs.  At Trudesign Studio, we take on every project with an inter-disciplinary, dynamic, flexible, and sustainable web design solution philosophy.

The reality is that the web is constantly changing and evolving and very difficult in keeping up with if you’re not in the business of doing so. These days a basic website doesn’t cut it anymore because responsive website design has become industry standard. Google has even started punishing sites that don’t have a mobile friendly website, where just a couple of years ago, it was just a suggestion. Trudesign Studio has the proven experience to help you take that step into the world of responsive web design and content management websites.

What is a Content Management Website?

Also an industry standard these days, a content management website enables YOU, the client, to control your own website. All of our websites are not only responsive, but also builtd in WordPress, a solid content management website software. This software not only enables maintenance to be done with ease, it also creates a database structure that can later be updated visually, or “re-skinned” to a new web template.

Not long ago, a website was just something a company had, like a fax number. Yeah, it needed to look “ok”, but not much thought was put into it. In the modern web age, a company website is a complete representation of your company and a key factor in your identity.

Logos, Corporate Identity, & Branding

Logo Design, Branding, and Corporate Identity is more than just a name, look or slogan. It’s the overall image of a company at all points of contact. Many factors influence a brand’s power, personality, and relevance. Good branding and logo design means “communicating the value proposition in a clear message to the right audience in a manner they especially appreciate.” This is not as subjective as many creative companies may believe. Understanding the critical points of positioning, market nuances, and response logo design evokes, is the key to excellent brand efforts.

At TruDesign Studio LLC, we have designed numerous logos, branding, and identity packages for a variety of clients. One of our most famous was the Blue Planet Water Solutions logo we did for Kevin Costner’s company which was contracted by BP to help with the Oil Disaster in the Gulf of Mexico a few years ago. Our designs and illustrations were even featured on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 on the anniversary of the Blue Water Horizon Oil Disaster.

We believe in clean, timeless design that will hold it’s attractiveness for a lifetime. Our designer works closely with our clients to make sure we’ve provided the exact look and feel that they are looking to achieve. Our small southern California graphic design studio believes in giving the client EXACTLY what they ask for. We believe in and follow a philosophy that a “project is not complete until the client is happy”. TruDesign Studio will redesign your logo until we have “hit the nail on the head”, so to say. At TruDesign Studio LLC, our goal is Customer Satisfaction in our Logo Designs, Web Designs, Print Designs, and 3D Designs.

Print Design & Media

TruDesign offers a variety of services in the development of print design and printed goods. Based in Encinitas, we service, Carlsbad, Solana Beach, Del Mar, La Jolla, Vista, San Marcos, Escondido, Rancho Bernardo, and greater San Diego area. We bring a wealth of experience and expertise in print design to the table. Our design studio also understands the notion of reliable, timely, in budget production of printed goods. In addition, TruDesign Studio manages these print design projects in coordination with our clients so that they are involved in every step of the design process.

At TruDesign Studio we stay up to date on the latest market trends being offered in popular media and improve on them. No need to reinvent the “print design” wheel, right? We’ve designed a number of printed goods for a variety of companies. These included 686, Omatic Snowboards, YeaNice, Blue Planet Water Solutions, and The Proper Pillow. TruDesign Studio was contacted by these companies to provide a variety of print design goods that included hangtags, catalog layouts, magazine ad layout, brochures, business cards, letterhead, envelopes, decals, post cards, and custom illustrations. These were used for a variety of presentations, magazine ads, posters, and even national news coverage.

We also have close relationships with a couple of local printers that are able to handle any printing project from basic black and white business cards, to good looking, quality, complex catalogs, post cards, or any other print collateral you might need. These local printers have been able to hit some of the tightest of deadlines for some of our clients in a bit of a pinch. So when you sign up with TruDesign Studio, you have our assistance and guidance from start to finish applying a strict quality assurance approach. We’re not done until you have your printed goods in your hands and are 100% happy with the end result. Look at TruDesign studio as your own graphic design department and print house without all the drama of a workplace.

3D Rendering, CGI, & Animation

Our 3D design artists have a long history of creating a wide range of 3D characters, and environments for print, web, video production, and games. The claim to fame was our 3D design team’s time at Redzone Interactive, which was later purchased by Sony Computer Entertainment of America. At Redzone Interactive / SCEA, our designers worked on all aspects of the games NFL GameDay and NCAA GameBreaker, from characters to the on screen menus and stats that would pop up. TruDesign’s 3D Design Team also worked on the hi resolution skits that would play before a specific scene or portion of the game.

During these 6 years in the game industry, our designers published a total of 12 titles. These 12 titles consisted of both Playstation 1 and Playstation 2 consul games. After the gaming industry, we’ve worked on a variety of 3D projects and animations for a couple of companies which consisted of office spaces, spas, marine vessels, marine vessel parts, and shopping malls.

All of our 3D models, characters, environments, and animations are of the highest quality and range from cartoon style to hyper realistic. We deliver high quality 3 dimensional content to meet your needs whatever the demands. Characters are textured using a full compliment of shader networks, as well as fully rigged and animation ready. All of our environments are built to scale and photo realistic so that they may be used in HD quality video and media.

Environments and other 3D assets are built to exacting needs and fully textured and ready for use in a wide range of mediums. Special effects are also available for a wide range of mediums and client needs.