Creating Business Solutions That Exceed Expectations

Logo Design, Branding, and Corporate Identity is more than just a name, look or slogan. It’s the overall image of a company at all points of contact. Many factors influence a brand’s power, personality, and relevance.  Good branding and logo design means “communicating the value proposition in a clear message to the right audience in a manner they especially appreciate.”  This is not as subjective as many creative companies may believe. Understanding the critical points of positioning, market nuances, and response logo design evokes, is the key to excellent brand efforts.  

At TruDesign Studio LLC, we have designed numerous logos, branding, and identity packages for a variety of clients.  One of our most famous was the Blue Planet Water Solutions logo we did for Kevin Costner’s company which was contracted by BP to help with the Oil Disaster in the Gulf of Mexico a few years ago.  Our designs and illustrations were even featured on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 on the anniversary of the Blue Water Horizon Oil Disaster.

We believe in clean, timeless design that will hold it’s attractiveness for a lifetime.   Our designer works closely with our clients to make sure we’ve provided the exact look and feel that they are looking to achieve.  Our small southern California graphic design studio believes in giving the client EXACTLY what they ask for.  We believe in and follow a philosophy that a “project is not complete until the client is happy”. TruDesign Studio will redesign your logo until we have “hit the nail on the head”, so to say.  At TruDesign Studio LLC, our goal is Customer Satisfaction in our Logo Designs, Web Designs, Print Designs, and 3D Designs.