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Grad Year Player College
2022 Peyton J. CSU Chico
2022 Taylor R. San Francisco State
2022 Lauren F. San Francisco State
2022 Stefano B. Cal State San Marcos
2022 Mateo P. Bowdoin University
2022 Kai W. The University of Chicago
2022 Alex G. Chapman University
Grad Year Player College
2021 Ashlyn L. Lewis and Clark College
2021 Skyler W. Smith College
2021 Hannah B. Penn State Altoona
2021 Jordyn A. Goucher College
2021 Lauren W. Colorado State
2021 Riana K. San Diego City College
2021 Tessa F. San Diego City College
Grad Year Player College
2020 Cleo K. Colorado Mesa University
2020 Shiori D. New Mexico State University
2020 Olivia S. CSU Los Angeles
2020 Heather M. Texas Women’s University
2020 Regina M. University of Redlands
2020 Fatima V. San Diego City College
2020 Veronica M. Rensselaer Polytechnic University
2020 Sydney S. San Diego City College
2020 Kiana J. San Diego City College
2020 Anais T. San Diego City College
2020 Chloe R. CSU San Marcos
2020 Sarah K. University of Portland
2020 Jordan R. San Jose State University
2020 Bianca A. San Jose State University
2020 Julia C. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2020 Jillian K. Middle Tennessee State University
2020 Sabrina C. Stetson University
2020 Mia S. University of Nevada Las Vegas
2020 Kacey D. Fairfield University
2020 Mia F. CSU Fullerton
2020 Bronwyn E. UC Santa Cruz
2020 Megan J. Eastern New Mexico University
Grad Year Player College
2019 Riley S. Dominican of California
2019 Karly K. Indiana Wesleyan University
2019 Anya O. Piedmont College
2019 Grace C. Arcadia University
2019 Riley L. Missouri Southern State University
2019 Alannah L. Occidental College
2019 Megan D. McNeese State
2019 Bella B. Alabama State University
2019 Mikaela K Cal Lutheran
2019 Jill W. Humboldt State
2019 Alexi V. CSU Chico
Grad Year Gender First Last College
2018 Girls Jayleen G Newberry College
2018 Girls Michaela R Arizona
2018 Girls Molly G Navy
2018 Girls Nicole A UCSD
2018 Girls Ava D Cal Poly SLO
2018 Girls Gabriela M Gonzaga
2018 Girls Cassidy L U of Washington
2018 Girls Sarah A. CSUSM
2018 Boys Landon G. CSUSM
2018 Boys Marley M. USD
2018 Girls Sarah T. New Mexico State
2018 Boys George B. Washington and Lee University
2018 Girls Mikaela C. Mills College
2018 Girls Arianna A. Mills College
2018 Girls Sarah J. Miramar College
2018 Girls Jasmine T. Miramar College
Grad Year Gender First Last College
2017 Girls Mikayla K UCSB
2017 Girls Rylie W U of Nevada
2017 Girls Katie L U of St. Thomas
2017 Girls Daniella N Villanova
2017 Girls Callie P Cal State Fullerton
Grad Year Gender First Last College
2016 Boys Elliot C Carnegie Melon
2016 Boys Patric K USD
2016 Boys Braden S Dartmouth
2016 Boys Milo B UC Santa Barbara
2016 Boys Kian V USD
2016 Boys Noah T Notre Dame de Namur
2016 Girls Riley D Navy
Grad Year Gender First Last College
2015 Girls Ellissya A UC Irvine
2015 Girls Kristen C Point Loma Nazarene
2015 Girls Crystal C NC State
2015 Girls Julianne M USD
2015 Girls Brooklyn G Fordham
2015 Girls Adriana G Notre Dame De Namur
2015 Girls Hannah K NC State
2015 Girls Franzisca K Stevens
2015 Girls Shelby L UC Irvine
2015 Girls Melissa L Santa Clara
2015 Girls Kirsten M Mercer
2015 Girls Gianna M Auburn
2015 Girls Natalie S UC Davis
2015 Girls Jordan S Long Beach State
2015 Girls Samantha S Clemson
2015 Girls Sydney W NC State
2015 Girls Brooke M Hawaii – Hilo
Grad Year Gender First Last College
2014 Girls Hailey H Pepperdine


Playing for the Sharks was simply amazing. I shared a jersey representing a club with the people that I will forever cherish. The memories I made with that team are irreplaceable and unbelievable. Stepping away from club soccer and entering into a college career has really illuminated the uniqueness of playing competitive soccer, sharing the field with girls from different schools and sharing experiences on and off the pitch. We all grew together into the soccer players and people we have become. The Sharks were so much more than just a soccer team, we were and still are family.


Being on the Sharks is being like a part of a family, it’s like I have 25 other sisters who always have my back both on and off the field. It’s a camaraderie that is indescribable, you are so close and you look out for one another whether it be bringing someone a water or driving 50 min to pick someone up it’s the little things that made it so special. The sharks will always be my team.