Creating Business Solutions That Exceed Expectations

Our 3D design artists have a long history of creating a wide range of 3D characters, and environments for print, web, video production, and games.  The claim to fame was our 3D design team’s time at Redzone Interactive, which was later purchased by Sony Computer Entertainment of America.  At Redzone Interactive / SCEA, our designers worked on all aspects of the games NFL GameDay and NCAA GameBreaker, from characters to the on screen menus and stats that would pop up.  TruDesign’s 3D Design Team also worked on the hi resolution skits that would play before a specific scene or portion of the game.  During these 6 years in the game industry, our designers published a total of 12 titles.  These 12 titles consisted of both Playstation 1 and Playstation 2 consul games.  After the gaming industry, we’ve worked on a variety of 3D projects and animations for a couple of companies which consisted of office spaces, spas, marine vessels, marine vessel parts, and shopping malls.

All of our 3D models, characters, environments, and animations are of the highest quality and range from cartoon style to hyper realistic. We deliver high quality 3 dimensional content to meet your needs whatever the demands. Characters are textured using a full compliment of shader networks, as well as fully rigged and animation ready.  All of our environments are built to scale and photo realistic so that they may be used in HD quality video and media.

Environments and other 3D assets are built to exacting needs and fully textured and ready for use in a wide range of mediums. Special effects are also available for a wide range of mediums and client needs.