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Logos & Branding

Logo Design, Branding, and Corporate Identity is more than just a name, look or slogan. It’s the overall image of a company at all points of contact.

Websites & SEO

Trudesign Studio has the proven experience to help you take that step into the world of responsive web design and content management websites.

Print Design

From basic black and white business cards, to good looking, quality, complex catalogs, post cards, or any other print collateral you might need.

3D Rendering & Animation

We have a long history of creating a wide range of 3D characters, and environments for print, web, video production, and games.

Fully Responsive Website Design

Intelligent web design & website development requires a combination of thought and action which is achieved by integrating business and creative strategies that ensure the overall project will meet the client’s needs.

At Trudesign Studio, we take on every project with an inter-disciplinary, dynamic, flexible, and sustainable web design solution philosophy.

The Process

At TruDesign Studio, we recognize that projects can be complex and composed of a variety of elements. To us, projects become successful by working closely with our clients to gain a complete understanding of their goals and objectives and following a disciplined process to achieve those goals. Together we achieve success through four basic steps:

In an effort to ensure proper needs are met, TruDesign Studio puts considerable focus into understanding the objectives and goals of the client. TruDesign Studio works closely with its clients to ascertain all of the nuances of the project. Starting with a discovery profiler designed to pull information, we incorporate interviews with client staff, research of competitors, trends, and other pertinent information, all in effort to create the perfect custom piece. This approach is critical in our ability to complete all aspects of a project including: Schedule, Market Research, Strategic, Creative and Technical Briefs, Basic Content understanding, Site map development and Functional Design Specs.
Once the discovery process is complete, the information is compiled and becomes the basis of direction for the Design phase. Our artists spend time with content identification, development, and schedule. This phase could also be considered a concept phase, incorporating prototypes and working modelsThis gives the client an opportunity to visualize the idea and feel comfortable with the direction of the project before any development work has begun.
Upon completion of the Design phase, when a clear consensus has been achieved, development begins. The development phase is the actual building of the design or application. During this phase the project goes through many iterations including: production, engineering, Alpha, Beta, etc. Throughout this process, TruDesign Studio applies a rigorous quality assurance methodology to ensure the integrity of the work.
Finally, it is time to deploy your work, or deliver. Development has stopped, content is frozen and the staging has been prepared. More quality assurance is performed, all documentation is completed and reviewed, a pre-flight check is done and the product is launched. An exciting time for our clients, TruDesign Studio is driven to ensure that everything is delivered as requested, on time and within budget.

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